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Mariko Venture

About MAriko Venture

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About Us

Mariko Venture is founded in Tokyo and registered in Singapore on 10th Sep 2018.

We provide One-Stop event solution to your exciting events with customized planning, offering quality services at an affordable and competitive pricing.


We are working with a wide range of partners and constantly looking for new ideas, venues and creative programmes to stay up to date, providing flexible solution with refreshing experience.

 From an idea to a successful event, let us take your imagination into reality!

Our Clients

Our Event Planning Clients

Why choose Mariko Venture?

Top Event Planner Singapore - Mariko Venture

​No.1 Event Planner Singapore

Mariko Venture

Friendly Staff

Approachable staff and always ready to assist you on the spot.

Cheerful staff served with passion.

Quality Service

We provide nothing but top quality service in event planning.

Before, During and After the event.

Affordable Price

Good but yet affordable! We  have a price matching programme to ensure you get the best value!

Fully Customization

With One-Stop Event Solution, we have the resources to make it fully customization for your exciting events.

Innovative & Creative

Most of our team has background in arts & craft and we are constantly looking for more ideas to enhance your event experience.

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