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Corporate Event Planner Singapore

=A Fun & Successful Event!

Quality corporate Event Planning services

Mariko Venture offers event planning services for corporate events such as corporate family day, annual dinner and dance (D&D), corporate team bonding, team building events, product launch, company retreats, parties and many more.

affordable pricing

Singapore event company with high quality event services at a affordable cost

We are an Singapore event company that offers high quality event services at a low cost.

We provide one-stop event solution for our event services, this is to make the event much easier to coordinate with. You may also contact us to find out more event services ideas and themes for your next corporate event planning. We offer efficient and reliable event services so you got to relax and enjoy during the event.

Corporate Family Day

Corporate Family Day

Looking to have a party for your family day or corporate family event? Talk to us now!

Annual Dinner & Dance

Annual Dinner&Dance

Annual Dinner & Dance, a time to count on achievements and moving on to the better year to come, let's celebrate!

Team Bonding

Team Building

Through a series of activities, bond the team stronger and connect everyone together, building up the team spirit!


Your No.1 Event Planner!

Call 93371280 to enquire!

yOUR One-Stop Event Solution IS hERE !!

Your top event service package

from the start to the end


Event Conceptualisation

Everything begins with just an idea!

Let us do the draft, consolidate, review and integrate the overall concept for you, creating an unique and memorable event experiences according to your event needs. With our fully customization, we are free to imagine, as long as it’s legal.

Venue Sourcing

Venue Sourcing

Venue does MATTER!

The truth is – event venue does matter, and it is playing an important role contributing to the success of an event. Based on our experience, we are able to offer more options for you and most importantly, a right venue to run your event!

Event Management

Event Management

All about execution.

In our event management system, we believe in going through each of the steps carefully. 

After planning, we will ensure each of the chain links up together, because the key to a successful event is the Execution.

Artist Management

Artist Management

It’s Show Time.

Performance engages the audience and hype up the event.

We have a wide range of artists, *upon request, we can also hire famous host/artist for you.

Our artist will give you a refreshing experience for the event!

Photo and Video

Photo & Video

Capturing moments & indulgence.

Why is it important to record your event? Because it captures the accent of your event for your future reference and ‘That Moment’ in time. 
We offer Photography, Video, Montage and photo booth, starting at $150 Only!

Sound and Lighting

Sound & Lighting

Giving Power & Energy!

You may have the best singer in the world on stage performing but it doesn’t matter if no one can hear it properly… A solid set of sound & lighting system will boost your event with power and energy, bringing everything to the next level, literally.

Design and Print

Design & Print

Take good care of your appearance.

Our designer team is dedicated to take care of your appearance for your events.

Although inner beauty is important, people always judge a book by its cover.

Stage and Logistic

Stage & Logistic

Well, Moving Forward

We handle the logistic on our side, transporting equipment and items like tent, truss, sound system..etc We can arrangement bus, private cars for our clients as well for their convenience.

Other Servies

Other Services

Did I miss out something?

As we are offering lots of customization and event options, we may not be able to list down everything here. However, we are confident to puzzle out, fix that missing piece for you. 

Let us know your requirements, and we will deliver to you!

Mariko Venture - Event Planning

Why choose Mariko Venture?

Top Event Planner Singapore - Mariko Venture

​No.1 Event Planner Singapore

Mariko Venture

Friendly Staff

Approachable staff and always ready to assist you on the spot.

Cheerful staff served with passion.

Quality Service

We provide nothing but top quality service in event planning.

Before, During and After the event.

Affordable Price

Good but yet affordable! We  have a price matching programme to ensure you get the best value!

Fully Customization

With One-Stop Event Solution, we have the resources to make it fully customization for your exciting events.

Innovative & Creative

Most of our team has background in arts & craft and we are constantly looking for more ideas to enhance your event experience.

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