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Is Virtual Fitness the new trend?

Why virtual fitness class?

In the past, people are used attend fitness classes at their favourite gyms, community centres, sports complex and studios.

With the impact of covid-19, people tend to stay at home more unless they are purchasing essential items or doing their groceries at the supermarkets.

The idea of virtual fitness class come into the picture because some people would still like to continue their exercise, workouts and fitness routine. For reasons like - 'to keep fit', 'it's already a habit', 'to control my weight', 'improve my health'..etc.

For whatever the reason is, it has be a new way of exercising while still having the interaction and socializing with people over the screen.

What types of classes are suitable for virtual fitness?

While virtual fitness classes is in good demand, not all types of classes are suitable to be conducted over the screen. In general, something you have been doing for quite sometimes and some programmes is easy to follow for beginners are usually safer.

It kind of go with your taste as well, different people have different preferences, some like to Zumba which has more dancing and cardio, while some like Yoag which is more toning and stretching..

What are the programmes Mariko Venture offer?

At Mariko Venture, we provide some variety of fitness programmes you can find it here:

You may place your interest by submitting the registration form:

If there's any other types of fitness programmes you would like to have, you can feedback to us at

In the meanwhile, let's all hope that the situation gets better soon.

Stay safe people!


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