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Let's Party in Mask!

Let's not be panic over the virus but rather let's party in Mask.

Amid the current situation of Covid-19 Virus spreading around the world, many industries are affected, that includes our event company - Mariko Venture, we have received only 1 event for the whole month of March and honestly nothing comes after it as our clients postponed/canceled on the events.

We would like to express our feeling that, things have not gone to the stage where everyone needs to hide inside the house, life still has to go on, just like students are still going to the schools, majority of the working adults are still going to work, public transits are still operating..etc

So we are offering a promotion - 10% OFF from now till 31st March!

By saying everything we mean every items you see on mariko venture. And you don't need to redeem it immediately, you can purchase and redeem for your events later, anytime from now till 1st November, 2020 with the code - Mask20

In Addition: Giving back!

20% of the net profit from - Mask20 will be used to purchase masks, hand sanitizers to distribute them to the public for FREE. We will make it transparent and record it down.

Let's not let the fear and panic in us to take the lead but instead, let us just follow the safety measurements, be responsible, wash our hands more often, wear a mask if you feel unwell & listen to our Government's instruction to overcome this tough period.

Thanks for reading.


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