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Virtual Classes in Singapore

With the current CB (Circuit Breaker) measures starting on 8th April to 1st June, that is almost 2 months of time. We know many would rather make good use of this time to learn and upgrade themselves instead of just resting at home throughout this period.

Now everything's going online so does our classes, and that's why we are offering the Virtual Classes Singapore to transfer our programmes there.

We have got you a variety of virtual classes for you to choose, for you to stay at home safely and keep fit, motivated and learning with the online class experience.

The Virtual Class Experience is fun in a way that we still get to engage with each other without actually meeting up, communicating and connecting with the society. I guess is a new way of interacting we have to adapt to for the coming days as for now.

Find out more from us today:

You may fill up the form here to place your interest:

Stay tuned and checkout our website sometimes to find out some FREE Trial Classes info, we give a Free Trial Virtual Class once in awhile :)


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