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Virtual Year End Party 2021!

Mariko Venture is one of the few event companies in Singapore transformed from being a physical event planner to virtual event planner since 2020. And We are truly blessed to have the opportunity to work for virtual Year End Party for our clients through Vmix, Zoom and other platforms.

Some are fully virtual events, we may work from home or book a studio to produce the show.

While some are hybrid events where we need to travel down to the venue and live stream.

Here are some of our events for 2021 year end party, company D&D (Annual Dinner and Dance), Christmas Party, End Year Party, we have done it all.

(Virtual Event Live stream from a studio using vmix and zoom)

(Hybrid Event with Live Streaming & Recording)

(Virtual Christmas Party with Arts & Craft Workshop, Storytelling and Dance)

(Lucky Draw is the exciting moment for everyone, we have the virtual spinner)

(Virtual Christmas Year End Party done in studio)

There was a special request for the theme of Squid Game, and we cosplayed Squid Game Guard and had lots of games related to the drama.

This is also our strength in Mariko Venture as an event company, we can plan your event with fully customization, in theme, designs, logistic, atmosphere, anything you want, we will deliver to you!

And here are some of our satisfied customers' feedback, we have a good rating on Google as well :)

With the facilitators in Team Mariko, it really does help to make the event flows smoothly as we will go all out to get what the client requests. For the year of 2022, we are looking forward for more events, be it virtual, hybrid or physical.

Let's all do our part to keep everyone safe, and if you are ever looking for an event company, do contact us - Mariko Venture

Happy New Year! Cheer!! :)

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